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Mathias Schmitt

Mathias Schmitt advises his clients in the areas of tenancy and residential property law, construction law and architects’ law, banking law and capital market law and general contract law.
Mathias Schmitt is a partner in the law firm “Teigelack, Vollenberg, Fromlowitz”.
He provides advice and representation in all civil law matters.

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banking law and capital markets law

As a contract lawyer for the North Rhine-Westphalia Consumer Center, also in the area of ​​banking law and capital investment law, Attorney Schmitt advises  consumers on possible claims against banks or investment brokers, such as incorrect advice on participations, certificates or so-called “junk real estate”.
If you have to record losses as a result, check your claims for damages and will enforce them in court if necessary.


Due to the regular debt collection for medium-sized companies, the law firm Sieger & Schmitt is also experienced in the field of national and international collection of goods delivery claims . This additional focus is particularly attractive for companies because, in the case of a large number of debt collection cases, calculable costs can be agreed in advance and the computer-aided processing, also via interfaces, means a minimum of organization for the company.

contract law

Contractual agreements can be found in almost every situation in life. This ranges from buying a property or buying a car to an employment contract . Often we are not even aware that we are signing a contract, since many of the everyday contracts are agreed verbally, silently or with a handshake.
Attorney Schmitt will support you in drafting and reviewing any contracts .
You will also receive comprehensive advice if disputes arise between you and a contractual partner. In such cases, he will do everything in his power to enforce your personal rights and interests or any claims for damages to the contractual partner.
Mathias Schmitt can also help you if you want to withdraw from a contract.


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Mathias Schmitt absolvierte sein Studium an der Universität Rostock und ist seit 2003 als Rechtsanwalt zugelassen.
Seit 2005 ist er Vertragsanwalt der Verbraucherzentrale Nordrhein-Westfahlen und berät dort u.a. auf den Gebieten des Bank- und Kapitalanlagerechtes. In den Folgejahren erwarb er zudem die Titel "Fachanwalt für Mietrecht und Wohnugnseigentumsrecht" (2008) und "Fachanwalt für Baurecht und Architektenrecht" (2010).
Zudem ist er Mitglied des Deutschen Anwaltvereins sowie den Arbeitsgemeinschaften für Baurecht und Immobilienrecht und Bank- und Kapitalanlagerecht.

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Mathias Schmitt

Kettwiger Straße 2-10
45127 Essen
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